The Lobby
Simple modern lines, alternating a complex contemporary thought.
This was the task at hand for preparing pieces of art to match the rich aesthetics of the Brickell Bay Tower, creating art that could embellish without braking apart from its surroundings, maintaining its own identity.
The intent of the work is simple, managing the transition from visual to thoughtful, and instinct to intellect; creating beauty that transcends the surface, despite the cold impenetrable nature.
Giving life to the coldness of metal, with emotion, experience, memories, and life. Managing the simple and linear design of the logo and the more human design of the fingerprint, the work bridges the old and the new.
Old world artist with new world themes, new world surfaces with old world materials.
Aluminum and oil, history and innovation, these are the ingredients to this artistic recipe.

Artist: Karim Ghidinelli
Mixed Media Art, Mixed Media Collage