View from the west side facing offices.
View from the east side facing offices.
View from the north side facing offices.
View from the north side facing offices.
Upon entering the building lobby tenants are greeted with a bright sweeping view of the Bay with reflectively lights the lobby marble creating the "work style" environment of the building;  Bayfront terrace, fresh sea air, peacefulness, and harmony.

The property owner and management team has worked hard to provide tenants with a Class A building experience and a dedication in addressing tenant needs. This pride of ownership has been demonstrated by the fact that the property has a higher tenant retention rate then the area norm.

Brickell Bay Tower offers tenants the convenience of abundant parking and a driver friendly garage as well as a unique Bayfront front terrace with abundant areas for sitting and reflecting.

If you are truly looking for a unique occupancy experience with a friendly, dedicated, hands on professional management team, this is the property choice for you.